What will you learn from Coronator


Introduction to Corona Render
Introduction to Corona Render

Introduction to Corona Render

1. Introduction to Corona Render
2. How to convert from Vray scenes to Corona
3 Render in “photographic” way: Corona Camera/ Exposure/Tone Mapping Setup
4. Corona Interactive
5. DOF/Motion Blur: Explanation in Photography and how to setup in Corona Render
6. Homework

Recorded Module 1 | Composition & Lighting
Recorded Module 1 | Composition & Lighting


1. Composition in Architectural Photography
2. Understanding Digital Camera: F-number/ Shutterspeed
3. How to compose a Camera View
4. How to model from photos: Perspective Match
5. Homework

Lighting Theory Corona Sun & Corona Sky

1. Lighting Theory, Elements and Balance
2. Corona Sun +Corona Sky: How to setup
3. Practice
4. Homework


1. Lighting Setup with HDRI
2. Different Lights Source in Corona Renderer & How to use
3. Homework

Special Lighting Effects

1. Volumetric
2. Dappled Lights
3. Homework

Recorded Module 2 | Itoo
Recorded Module 2 | Itoo

Itoo Forest I

1. Introduction to Itoo Forest
2. Geometry
3. Distributrion Map
4. Transform
5. Area/ Falloff/ Paint Area
6. Surface/Camera/Tree Editor
7. Homework

Itoo Railclone

1. Introduction to Itoo Railclone
2. Segment
3. Geometry
4. Examples
5. Homework

Recorded Module 3 | Materials
Recorded Module 3 | Materials

Materials Overview

1. Introduction to Materials & What is the most important factors to realistic shader
2. Indepth explanation & How to setup correctly: Diffuse
3. Indepth explanation & How to setup correctly: Reflection
4. Indepth explanation & How to setup correctly: Bump/Displace
5. Homework

Mix/Composite/Corona Layered Mtl

1. Mix
2. Composite
3. Corona Layers Mtl
4. How to achieve realistic fresnel for Reflection and Glossiness using Corona Layers
5. Homework

Fabrics Mtl

1. Plain Fabrics
2. Silk
3. Velvet
4. Special Fabrics using Corona Layers/Displace
5. Homework

Metal Material

1. Chrome/ Steel/ Aluminum
2. Gold/ Cooper
3. Brushed Steel
4. Anisotropy
5. Homework

Corona AO

1. Concrete Materials
2. Corona AO How to setup
3. Examples using Corona AO: dirt effects worn edges old brass sculptures
4. Homework

Translucent Mtl

Translucent Mtl

Live Module
Live Module

Live Module

5 Live Sessions


Experiment with various compositions, lighting setups, different moods & tones to learn and explore in Art Direction role. Completing a personal assignment based on a real-life architecture project to build up one’s performance in photorealism.

Personalized Training

Each course, various projects, different real-life situations as well as technique to handle them, we will be your companions on the journey of fulfilling your potential.

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